Umbraco Specialists 

Over the years we’ve worked with a number of technologies and developed both PHP and .NET solutions. 

We’ve worked with dozens of CMS systems and have settled on working with Umbraco. We’ve build over 30 client sites using Umbraco, we have code running in the Umbraco core and are active members of the Umbraco community. We also host umBristol events regularly as well as attending the conferences.

Umbraco CMS Development

Content Management Systems are everywhere, but understanding which offers you the best flexibility, design and control can be tricky without the right support.

At Gibe our specialism is sites built upon the Umbraco CMS. It is a well supported open-source platform built on the .NET framework. This means that unlike some other enterprise CMS platforms there is no monthly or annual cost just to use it. We have worked with other platforms including Sitecore, RedDot, Drupal, Wordpress, Perch, etc but over the years Umbraco has proven itself to be a solid-workhorse that gives our clients flexibility.

Choosing the right CMS

Here are some useful things to ask yourself when considering your CMS choice:
Core functions - does it meet your needs and can it interact with your existing business systems? CRMs, financials, ERPs, EPOS systems, ecommerce systems, etc?

  • Easy to edit?- Is it easy to use, add new content, manage images etc. even for non-technical users?
  • Design possibilities? - Can your creative juices real flow or does the system hold you back? For example, are you stuck writing single layout blog articles where as you’d really like to create glossy magazine layouts?
  • Customisation? - Can you easily re-order pages, content and layouts?
  • User interaction? - The end user experience is critical so make sure your CMS really supports the layouts and features you need.
  • Admin? - Can you add new users, manage multiple sites and support different languages without worrying about losing your hard work?
  • Search engine optimisation? – Is your CMS optimised for SEO and does it let you easily manage SEO data?
  • Accessible? – Does your CMS cater for accessibility needs easily without extra overhead?
  • Continuous improvement? – Is your CMS well supported, regularly updated, secure and easy to maintain and add new functionality?

Umbraco does exceptionally well on all these qualities. We would be very happy to discuss if it suits your requirements or demo the CMS to you.

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