• Posted: Friday, 22 September 2017


I recently attended the 2017 edition of CODECABIN. This is an annual un-conference for Umbraco developers, held over a long weekend in a remote cabin.

Although it is an application-based event, with a limit of 20 attendees, I was lucky enough to attend the event in both 2016 and 2017.

It is designed to bring Umbraco developers together to discuss code, ideas and learn, without the need for a formal conference. Or simply, an inclusive hub of great minds together discussing whatever they want.

Planning at CODECABIN

CODECABIN is run by UMCO (Matt Brailsford and Lee Kelleher) with lots of help from Lucy Brailsford.

We arrived at 5pm on the Friday night, greeted by our hosts! Shortly after, other attendees started to arrive.

After a bit of socialising and getting to know each other better, we soon turned our attention to the weekend...

Saturday morning was used as a planning session for the weekend. This was everyone putting their ideas on post-it notes about what they wanted to discuss, learn or share.

The post-it notes were then arranged into common topics, and every attendee was given five votes to help choose the schedule for the weekend:


  • Umbraco package development
  • Backoffice customisation / sections and trees
  • Web developer tools
  • Deployment strategies


  • Mindfulness
  • Contributing to Umbraco Core
  • Examine
  • Performance tuning
  • Custom members in Umbraco


A series of talks and discussions were held for each topic of the schedule.

But it wasn't unusual to see developers, including myself, coding and sharing their skills as they built something.

Not everything involved Umbraco. In fact, a lot of the schedule was aimed at areas that help us create great Umbraco websites, not just about creating them.

It was a good opportunity to turn personal projects, ideas or pipe dreams into an actual piece of code, with the ability to discuss methods and improvements with some of the best developers using Umbraco.

Outcome from CODECABIN

It is always great to have a chance to discuss ideas and thoughts with other developers in different agencies. It really helps to gain new knowledge from an outside source.

One of the biggest benefits of attending CODECABIN has been re-assuring our process and development is not anything wildly different to other agencies and we are working as the industry is working.

Being an inclusive setup (food, drink and accommodation are all included in your ticket price) also means that you can continue those great discussions long after a normal conference or set of presentations. There is no interruption from attendees needing to go to the next talk or workshop.

I presented at umBristol recently, and you can view my slides here.

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