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CMS development

Content management systems (CMS) are everywhere, but understanding which offers you the best flexibility, design and control can be tricky without the right support.

From small to large, the awareness of search engine optimisation (SEO) demands, as well as consumer pressure to constantly add more content that is relevant, pushes IT and marketing teams to the limit if the platform doesn't allow easy changes or additions to be made.

Integration with current systems is a major consideration that is sometimes over looked. If your current CRM, financials, inventory systems are all running on one system then it makes sense to match this as much as possible with your site administration. Equally if you are running different systems can they all be integrated in the CMS of choice?

We have implemented a number of bespoke, packaged and open source CMS platforms for clients with great acclaim. We work with several CMS systems and can recommend the best solution for clients based on requirements and budget. By looking at key requirements such as:

  • Core functions - does it meet your needs as a business and does it interact with existing systems?
  • Editor - Is it easy to use, add new content, manage images etc. even for non-technical users?
  • Design - can your creative juices real flow or does the system hold you back?
  • Customisation - can you easily re-order pages, content and layouts?
  • User interaction - the end user experience is the goal so make sure it really works.
  • Admin - Can you add new users, manage multiple sites and support different languages without worrying about losing your hard work?

Our CMS sites

The sites we have developed include:

We regularly work with a variety of CMS development packages including Umbraco, Drupal and Sitecore and believe in choosing the system that really fits your need so you get the best fit.