The mega footers are popular

Posted by Pete Williams

Our blog post about the mega footer is the number one result when searching for "mega footer" on Google. As a result, it is one of our most popular blog posts and reflects the people's interest in this particular navigation device. Indeed most of our clients have been asking to have mega footers added to their sites and we are currently doing a couple of redesigns to do just that. This tool is particularly useful for ecommerce sites that want to keep a clear division between product listings and supporting information.

By keeping all the product content in the top or left-hand navigation it declutters the site's main navigation device and focuses user attention on the primary offering of the site - the product.

We're waiting for some stats to back up the theory but we anticipate that by simplifying the main navigation to include only product content, users should be able to find what they're looking for more quickly and thus, the site should convert at a higher rate. We’ll keep you posted when the stats come in!

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Pete Williams

Pete Williams

Pete is the Managing Director and co-founder of Gibe. After studying at University together in Bristol, Pete and Steve went into business together in 2009.