Got my MCPD and MCTS certifications

Posted by Steve Temple

I passed the 70-564 Microsoft exam on Saturday and the 70-536 exam on the previous Thursday. That gives me a MCTS: NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Applications and a MCPD: Designing and Developing ASP.NET Applications using Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. So now I get to officially use another logo:


The last exam was actually the easiest despite it being for the more advanced qualification. The MCPD focuses more on what is the best fit for a particular scenario, which is a pretty close fit to what I do every day. The MCTS, on the other hand, focuses on having fairly intimate knowledge of the .NET framework.

There are two reasons I've been doing these, firstly I'd like to get Gibe to the Microsoft Certified Partner level in the Microsoft Partner Network. Secondly I thought it would be interesting and I might learn something which turned out to be the case as I've had to learn some of the newer parts of the framework which I hadn't encountered before.

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